I am a researcher, computer scientist, music technologist and musician.
I hold a PhD in electronic engineering from Queen Mary University of London (UK). I studied computer science at Warsaw School of Information Technology (Poland) and cello at St. Petersburg Conservatory (Russia).
Over recent years I have been researching player-dependent aspects of musical timbre. I was particularly interested in exploring the relationship between gesture, tone quality and perception in classical cello performance.
As a cellist, I worked for musical theatre as well as collaborated with a number of chamber ensembles and orchestras across Poland. My current artistic practice includes live improvisation and sound processing in search for new sonic experiences on such classical instrument as the cello.
While in QMUL, I joined Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) project and was also involved in Women in Science and Technology focus groups such as WISE@QMUL and G.Hack.

Contact email: m.chudy@qmul.ac.uk